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Services We Provide

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Wellness Care

Just like us, regular physical examinations are extremely important to maintain the health of your pet.  Routine examinations allow your veterinarian to help catch any problems early and monitor pre-existing conditions.  Preventative care includes: annual exam, vaccinations, intestinal parasite screening, canine heartworm or feline FELV/FIV testing, and yearly bloodwork.  Core vaccinations for our canine friends include Rabies and Distemper/Parvo.  Core vaccinations for our feline friends include Rabies, Feline Upper Respiratory Complex (FVRCP), and based on your cat's lifestyle - Feline Leukemia.  Other preventative vaccinations may be recommended, but we make sure each vaccination protocol is tailored to your pet.  Parasite control is also an important aspect of preventative medicine.  Heartworm disease is very common in the Southeast so yearly heartworm testing and year round prevention is highly recommended.  Flea and tick prevention and intestinal parasite control are also a must due to our warm, humid climate.  We offer a variety of flea and heartworm prevention products both online and at our hospital.  Preventative measures and yearly testing will keep your pet happier and healthier longer.

AAHA has great guidelines and information for your convenience: 

Microscope in Laboratory

Veterinary Diagnostics

While the physical exam is an extremely important tool in determining your pet's health, sometimes other tools and tests are needed.  We offer a wide range of preventative health tests and diagnostic tools for when your pet is feeling under the weather.  These tests give your veterinarian vital information so that we may provide the best treatment plan for your pet.

Our diagnostic tools include:

Digital radiography

Abdominal ultrasonography

Fully equipped surgical suite

Complete in-house laboratory

Intestinal parasite screening

Heartworm testing

Fungal cultures


Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency testing

Dermatology testing, including skin scrapes and cytology

Access to independent laboratories


Surgical Procedures

Southside Hospital for Animals offers a variety of surgical procedures for all your pet's needs.  Our skilled doctors perform routine procedures such as spays, neuters, mass removals, and COHATS (complete oral health and assessment), including extractions.  We are also here for unexpected surgeries such as abdominal exploratory, wound and trauma repair, orthopedics, and various other surgical procedures.  Here at Southside Hospital for Animals our aim is to provide our patients with expert surgical technique, anesthesia, and pain management protocols.  Because the safety of your pet is our top priority, a pre-anesthetic exam is performed.  Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is always recommended for our younger patients and required for seniors, which allows us to detect any possible underlying diseases that may affect our treatment plan.  An intravenous catheter may be placed, depending on the surgical procedure and your pet's health status.  We have technicians trained to monitor your pet constantly during anesthesia, and each anesthetic protocol is tailored to your pet.  If you would like to schedule a surgical procedure for your pet, please give us a call and feel free to ask us any questions.

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Dental Care

One of the most common hidden causes of pain in our furry friends is dental disease.  Many of us (veterinarians included) have a tendency to ignore our pet's mouth.  Plaque development leading to tartar accumulation followed by gum recession, infection, bone loss, and tooth loss can occur quickly in some dogs and cats.  Cats may develop a particularly difficult dental disease called FORL (Feline Oral/Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions), which are areas of enamel that have eroded away, exposing portions of the sensitive root.  These teeth usually require extraction due to the pain they cause and their poor response to other therapies.  Our goal is to save healthy teeth and improve your pet's health and comfort.  At Southside Hospital for Animals, we have dedicated veterinary technicians trained to monitor anesthesia and assist with all surgeries, including dentals.  We have digital radiology, high speed dental equipment, and surgical monitoring equipment to help decrease surgical complications.  Your pet will have an exam, preoperative bloodwork, and an intravenous catheter as indicated by their needs.  Pain is controlled by various methods such as a preoperative and/or postoperative pain injection, general anesthesia, and nerve blocks.  These methods ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible before, during, and after their procedure.  General anesthesia is necessary to properly clean and evaluate your pet's teeth and gums.  Dental scaling performed by non-veterinarians is of little value, and tooth brushing should be performed daily at home.  When your pet is examined by our veterinarians, they will perform a Complete Oral Health Assessment (COHAT) and discuss what steps we need to take next to improve your pet's health through dental care.

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Emergency services are provided during regular business hours.  When possible, please call ahead so that we may prepare for your arrival.  In the case of a true emergency, your pet will be triaged immediately and receive a complete physical examination.  Once your pet is stable, our veterinarian will discuss options and make a plan for treatment.  We know these emergencies are never expected and finances can be concerning.  Thankfully we accept Care Credit which you can apply for here or in person at Southside.

After hour emergencies are referred to Savannah Veterinary Emergency Clinic.  Their number is 912-355-6113 and they are located at 355 Stephenson Ave. Savannah, GA 31405.



Dr. Pam Fandrich is a certified small animal acupuncturist and a member of the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture (AAVA).  In addition to traditional Western medicine, Dr. Pam uses acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment for neurological and musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis and back pain.  Some dogs and cats can also find improvement with other causes of pain and for some anxiety disorders.  Acupuncture is a safe and effective method of treatment and is surprisingly well tolerated by our four legged family members.

For more information on veterinary acupuncture, visit the AAVA website:

Prescription Drugs


Southside Hospital for Animals strives to provide the ultimate client experience, with the most convenience, by having a fully stocked in house pharmacy.  Our pharmacy is stocked by sources that we trust which ensure that your pet is receiving the proper medications.  If you prefer to get your medications online you can visit our online pharmacy.  Please give us a 24 hour notice for in clinic prescription refills by calling 912-925-7925.  We can special order medication and prescription food for your pet that we do not keep stocked in house.  Please keep in mind that ordering is done every Monday morning, so give us a call by Friday afternoon the week before to ensure that your special order is placed in time.  We will call you when your special order has arrived at the clinic.

Passport Covers

Health Certificates

Traveling with your pet can often be a stressful time for you and for them.  It often requires planning and preparation for domestic and international travel.  Our certified USDA accredited veterinarians are here to issue pet health certificates and make sure that you have everything you need for your journey.  In order to obtain a health certificate, your pet must be healthy upon exam, have a negative intestinal screen, and be up to date on vaccinations.  If you are traveling by plane, please contact your airline as each has different requirements.

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